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Do you want to double, triple, or even quadruple your site's traffic?

We're BOOM, and we eat, sleep, and breathe SEO.

It's all we do, so we've become very good at it.

Over the years, we've helped businesses just like yours skyrocket their traffic, outrank their competition, and boost their bottom line.

Aside from our industry-leading guarantee (see above), here are a few reasons why partnering with our SEO agency is a complete no-brainer:

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One size rarely fits all.

That's especially true with SEO, and it's why you should never settle for anything less than a fully tailored SEO strategy.

That's exactly what we offer at BOOM.

From the keywords we target to the on-page improvements we recommend, everything will revolve around your ideal customer, your competition, and what Google wants to see from a website like yours.

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SEO isn't just a bolt-on service that we added to boost revenue.

It's all we do.

This means we aren't distracted, which has helped us become very good at ranking websites.

We’re a UK-based SEO company (London & Oxford specifically) that eats, sleeps, and breathes SEO to get clients like you the results they want. The kind of results other SEO agencies can’t compete with.

Why settle for anything less?

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You'll never be kept in the dark about how we're (relentlessly) working to boost your traffic.

That's a promise.

From the initial on-boarding process to introduce our team to get to know you better, to the monthly reports, project plans, and countless updates covering quality audits, technical audits, keyword research, tailor-made link building strategies, and everything in between...

You'll always be in the loop.

Oh, and even better? We promise not to drown you in jargon, either.

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We understand (and more importantly consistently do) everything it takes to rank websites like yours on the first page of Google.

As you'll see below, we follow a custom four-step process that covers everything needed to rank a website in 2020.

From target audience research and competitor reviews to technical audits, on-page optimisation, keyword research, understanding searcher intent, content creation, and building high-quality backlinks...

We'll leave no stone unturned to get you better rankings.

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At BOOM, we do everything by the book.

We only use tried and tested, white-hat (read: Google-approved) SEO tactics that'll give you the best chance of growing and keeping your rankings long-term.

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No one likes feeling trapped. That's why we'll never tie you into six or twelve-month contracts.

You're free to come and go as you please thanks to our simple monthly rolling contracts. No hassle. No fuss.


There are a million and one things to get right when it comes to SEO.

These things vary depending on your business, industry, and your competitors, too, so you can't rely on a one-size-fits-all approach to grow your traffic.

That's the quickest route to mediocrity.

Knowing this, we developed our RankSure Framework, which makes handling endless SEO-related complexities a breeze.

It doesn't matter if you're a local business, an eCommerce store, a SAAS-startup, or anything in between, or whether your website has been around for six months or six years.

Our RankSure Framework cuts through the noise to create a 'ranking roadmap'.

The Framework relies heavily on SEO best-practices and our (many, many) lessons learnt to deliver results time and time again.

Here's a basic overview of the RankSure process that we'll use to help you outrank your competitors, and to have people beating a path to your website...

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The first stage of the Planning process is onboarding, and this involves a kickoff meeting with you and a questionnaire for you to complete.

We'll review your site's content and research your market and competition to get a detailed understanding of you, your business, and your market.

Next, our team will pre-empt the second stage of the RankSure Framework (Improvement) by planning on our initial attacks on quick wins and fixing showstopper issues.

For example, we'll review your site's structure for possible indexing or crawling issues, and missing on-page elements that could be hurting your rankings.

We'll also look at your site's backlink profile to find opportunities for quick ranking boosts to give your SEO campaign early momentum.

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During this stage, we rely heavily on proprietary SEO tools that we've developed ourselves.

We also use external tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, and SEMrush.

The benefit?

We remove all guesswork to ensure that your SEO campaign is based on real data.

First, our team will run a full technical SEO audit to find any weaknesses in your site's structure. We'll then go page-by-page through your website to assess quality, and this allows us to assign various actions to improve every pages' ability to rank.

Of critical importance to any SEO campaign is keyword research, and this is a crucial part of the Improvement stage.

We use dedicated tools to find the best keywords based on search volume, ranking difficulty, and your ability to match a searcher's intent (in other words, what they're really looking for).

The main output from this stage is a hugely detailed 'on-page' tracker, and this collates the specific improvements we recommend for every page across your site.

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This is where we'll help you create the tangible, positive changes that will boost your site's rankings.

First, we'll work with you to prioritise the quick wins and showstopper issues we found during the Planning stage, before looking at the remainder of your 'on-page- tracker to help you create countless SEO-related improvements.

This is a very comprehensive process that can take months depending on the size of your site.

Our team can also provide detailed content recommendations for you, or we can create content on your behalf using our professional SEO copywriters.

Whatever option you choose, we'll use content gap analysis, keyword gap analysis, reviews of your competitors' best content, and a detailed understanding of searcher intent to help you reverse engineer new webpages and content for quicker ranking wins.

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It's no secret that backlinks are still one of the biggest ranking factors in 2020.

Google views quality, relevant backlinks from authoritative sites as 'seals of approval', and they're a very effective way for the search engine to assess other peoples' endorsement (or lack of) for your site.

The more 'seals of approval' you have in Google's eyes, and the higher quality and more relevant they are, the higher your site will rank.

Because of this, we take link outreach and link prospecting very seriously here at BOOM.

So much so that this entire final stage of the RankSure Framework is dedicated to growing your site's authority.

Our team is very well-versed in finding highly-relevant, authoritative backlinks for sites like yours to achieve exactly that, using a variety of techniques like working with influencers, and guest posting to name but a few.

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